Gary Ryan defines commitment as the act of pledging or engaging oneself to do or to perform,  once there is an authentic obligation. In my earlier post we discussed about interest and commitment,  my question again is, are you just interested or passionately committed. Are you interested in spending time with your kids or passionately committed? Are you interested in paying off your debts or passionately committed? And you can go on and on… success is as a result of making and keeping commitments to yourself and others. I have seen many people with failed or unfinished goals, projects which are talked about for years and never kicks off, failed relationships all these are the direct results of broken promises and commitments.  Its important to note that your ability to honor your promises directly impacts your credibility, reputation, trustworthiness, your earning ability and overall peace of mind..

Most products in our shops today are said to be disposable,  from diapers, milk packets, shopping bags etc and I wonder has commitment and promises fallen into the same category? Its no big deal for somebody to borrow you money and they promise to pay back and they don’t, its no big deal that a person will make a pledge that they don’t bother to follow through, the worse is that even the leaders will make many pledges in their manifestos and they don’t even have a plan to follow through their pledges. We just make pledges and promises and discard then as if nothing counts.  Have commitments become disposable?

I believe that a man/woman’s word should be a form of capital, money in the bank. Do you just give cash to any Tom, Dick and Harry? You only give it where it counts most. Your word should be given respect the way you respect your money. Don’t promise if you have no plans to keep the promise and if you promise you must keep it. The person you are promising something must be able to recognize that your word has real value and it is not counterfeit.  I sell insurance and most often I meet clients who really demonstrate interest in an insurance product and they promise to start on a certain date, on that date they don’t even pick up my calls. It is sad that we cannot honor even little commitments like calling back when you say you will.

The greatest and the most unfortunate betrayal is that of oneself, being able to adhere to your commitments begins with self respect. When you say one thing and do another, when you start a project that you don’t finish, the only thing we do is sabotaging our reputation within ourselves. When we dishonor our commitments and lie to ourselves how can we be expected to honor the commitments we make to others. There is no back door about self-made promises, it is either you maintain the contract with yourself or you breach it. By dishonoring your own commitment you undermine and poison the faith you have in your abilities. You cannot realize your financial goals and other goals that you set if you continually sabotage your self respect. You must make your commitments count because they do.

GARY RYAN challenges us to embrace this integrity pledge




The Bible also challenges us that our words and faith should be consistent with our actions. But if you have made a commitment that you cannot fulfill, prov 6:1-5 gives us guideline on how to get out of the commitment, go and humble yourself and free yourself.

Remember there is never going to be a day that you will not require dedication, self discipline, perseverance and personal integrity for you to achieve your goals.

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