Hey my friend,

April 1st is not just a day for a few good jokes…
it also kicks off the SECOND quarter of the year.

That’s right, the first quarter is just about history
and your YTD results speak for themselves.

Let’s take a quick inventory…to see if you need to
make a few course corrections.

If you had ambitions of making Ksh 20M this year,
you should be closing in on 5M

If you made a resolution to pay off Ksh 6M in debt,
you should be Ksh 1.5M lighter by now.

And, if you were committed to losing 40kgs
you should have dropped 10 kgs  by now and wearing
baggy pants.

Are you on track with any of your goals?

Are you crushing it…or in need of a comeback?

IF you have not made as much progress as you
would have liked in the first quarter and need a
a serious pick me up, I strongly recommend that
you get a free copy of the Comeback Manifesto
by Gary Ryan Blair.


Inside you’ll learn a step-by-step plan for turning
things around quickly and getting back on top in
the second quarter.

That’s what you really want, isn’t it?

The best part is that it won’t cost you a penny.



P.S. Gary is the real deal. He’s the guy the
Navy SEALs and countless professional athletes
go to when they need to improve their execution.  He is my coach and the guy i go to whenever i need massive execution like now.

You can get the Comeback Manifesto here.



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