Whenever I go for a parents event in my son’s school, it worries me to notice that 90% of those who participate in entertaining the parents are girls. The last event I attended I could not help but complain to the teacher, my question is and has always been, does it mean our boys are not good at anything?

I have also noticed in work places we have serious challenges and especially in sales, ladies are outperforming the men. Several years back this was not the case, men used to be the best in sales.

For those who are not in sales, it’s important to understand that to succeed in sales you need high self esteem and confidence. The question is, are our men increasingly loosing the believe in themselves?

Just this evening, I’ve switched on the TV just to see a man who has decided to remove his testacles. Where is the problem? Where are we going wrong? Are we raising a healthy society?

Pastor Simon Mbevi, the founder of man enough program told us at a mothers of sons forum that in his time, men used to do very well in school and even in organisations. He noted that boys started school at age 7, at this age they were mature and ready to learn.

Girls develop fine motor skills such as writing and holding a pencil at a faster pace than boys. According to the 2009 edition of “Child Development Principles and Perspectives” Anita Sethi, Ph.D. writes on Parenting online that girls have a tendency to talk at an earlier age, use more words, and exhibit a higher level of language understanding and language complexity than boys in their early years. I think this explains why we should not take them to school too early. Pastor Simon says boys like to win and when we take them to school too early, they struggle because the girls are winning and this may affect their self esteem. 

Christina Hoffman Simmers a resident scholar, American enterprise institute in her video says that boys are treated like defective girls and these defective girls are not performing. These are the boys who will build a future with our girls and If the boy child is in trouble we are all in trouble. Can we rise up and raise husbands for our girls???

I think this video by Christina explains some ways we can help raise the little men.


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