Are you interested in buying that house? getting that education plan for your child? starting that investment plan?, getting that degree? buying that plot? making your relationship work? or are you committed?

when you are interested in getting something, you are willing to do what everyone else is doing to get it and sometimes you go out of your way to try and get it.  When Challenges and tough times come, or other interesting opportunities present themselves, more often than not, you find yourself pursuing the new opportunities and loosing interest in the other goal that you wanted to achieve. But when you are committed to achieving the goal, you put all your energy, focus and effort to it and when challenges and storms come, you still press on and use the challenges as a stepping stone towards your goals.

In other words, interest alone is not enough to cause you to do extra-ordinary things in order to achieve extra ordinary goals, you have to graduate your interest into commitment. when you are committed, you will have the discipline of waking up even when sleeping a few minutes more is better, you will make that call despite the fear of being rejected, you will apologize even when you feel you were treated unfairly,  you will eat vegetables when everyone is eating meat,  you will save more even when you don’t feel like. commitment to your goal will make your brain generate the necessary actions to make sure the goal is achieved.

It is very important that you get out of your comfort zone and commit to do what ever it takes (within the law) to get the life that you have wanted, make the money that you have wanted to make, have the marriage that you have always desired. Give it your best, give it all that you have. The Bible says that whatever you put your hands to do, do it with all your heart, your mind and soul. Remember even Nature gives way to those who know where they want to go and are committed to getting there, no body can stop you, go for it.

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