For anyone to become an expert in their field, is as a result of gathering information piece by piece until they become gurus in their field. This is also true with wealth, you have to gather hundreds and thousands each and every day and invest it and it grows to lump sums of money. You must learn the art of saving money for you to accumulate wealth, many people retire poor because they never made that first step to save the little money they had.

The best place to start is to save the little you have, do it consistently, and keep increasing as you get comfortable with the habit, it can be daily, weekly or monthly and it will start attracting more and your wealth grows. The Book of proverbs 6:6 in the Bible says , go to the ant you sluggered, consider its ways and be wise, it has no commander nor overseer or a ruler, yet it stores its provision in summer and gathers its food in harvest. If an ant and its little brain can do it, how much more can we as human do? One of the financial principle states that you should pay yourself first, paying yourself means you put aside some money for future investments consistently, just like the ant.

Today is end month, most people are paying everyone else, you have paid the landlord, you have paid your employees, you have paid the super market guys, the glocery guy etc how much did you pay yourself?  The best way to pay yourself is to put a standing order or a checkoff if you are employed for a specific amount so that it becomes part of the budget as you plan for other expenses. Make this part of your expense and when you do it consistently for atleast 6 months it becomes part of you.

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